Last year I wanted to be adventurous and kick off the year with a nice Island holiday.  What I initially thought was an island, later turned out to be a beautiful archipelago; a collection of 3 islands Malta, Goza and Comino – talk about bang for your buck, but this was just the first of many things I was yet to discover.

Check out my first impressions post on Melanin Travel for all the details and my first impressions : Exploring Malta: My First Impressions featured on Melanin Travel

Dainty Corners – Malta

Cost of the trip:

  • Accommodation, Flights & Free Hydro Massage – 119 pounds
  • Food & drinks for the entire trip – Roughly 130 Euro (I eat a lot, probably would have been cheaper)
  • Souvenirs – Roughly 30 Euro (Depending on what you want)

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