Black Panther Movie Review: Why You Must Watch It 

Black Panther - Dainty CornersWhen the trailer for Black Panther came out, I was so hyped, when the characters were announced I was so proud #Blackexcellence, and now that the movie has come out, it is literally beyond my wildest expectations and here are my top points on why, followed by a youtube video I did with my sister to highlight the awesomeness of this movie!

  1. Representation is everything!! We are represented as more than just baby mothers, drug dealers, slaves, poverty stricken from run down neighborhoods, illiterate amongst other things, we are strong African female warriors, kings and Queens in this movie, and the culture is captured so beautifully.Black Panther - Dainty Corners
  2. There is a lot of scenes that just break the mould in particular it shows other ways for men to show power – the scene where W’kabi dropped his weapon for Okoye  – OMG!! Gave me chills!!
  3. There is literally no damsel in distress in this movie, in fact the women protect the king
  4. Africa is not seen as a 3rd world waste land but at the forefront of technology and is shown in Wakanda Forever - Dainty Cornersa positive light. It allows you to imagine for a slight second what Africa may have been like if we weren’t colonized. It captures this perfectly because you can see the difference between Wakanda and the outskirts (outside of Wakanda)
  5. We do not need white saviors in this movie
  6. Is it awesome to see black people in a huge movie that doesn’t have slavery at the forefront and end of it all?
  7. The women have their own minds and missions
  8. Shuri is BAE and will now lead and inspire the next generation of women to want careers in STEM. Disney even donated 1M off the back of this movie to the Boys and Girls club towards STEM programs!!
  9. One word – M’baku – Is he not perfection? *Drools a little* M'baku - Dainty Corners
  10. Its not just a movie its a movement!!
  11. Revenue – Figures don’t lie
  12. Part of history in the making. This year has been off to an awesome start, and an all time high for black excellence. This movie, the Obama Portraits, Black Oscar Winners amongst other awesome achievements, is hopefully just the start of it all. Representation and having successful people of colour making change and a difference in our societies, how were portrayed, and giving the future generation things to aspire to be, I honestly can’t describe how it makes me feel.


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Black Panther Movie Review – Wakanda Forever!

Have you watched Black Panther? What are your thoughts?


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