I turned 25 last month (30th October – Scorpio) and honestly this year has been incredible.  I use to think 25 was old, but my thought process was completely wrong and i’m not just saying it because I am 25 now (biased much). Luckily I am far far away from being wrinkle ridden, (thanks Manuka doctor), and a long shot away from using a walking cane so contrary to popular belief 25 is actually the age where I feel like everything is finally falling into place.  This was my year to build and cant wait to see what 2018 brings.

25th Birthday Dubai - Dainty Corners
25th Birthday Dubai
25th Birthday Dubai - Dainty Corners
25th Birthday Dubai

That being said here are the top 25 things I’ve personally learned in 25 years:

25th Birthday Dubai - Dainty Corners
25th Birthday Dubai
  1. Set your standards high, and don’t let anyone tell you they are too high
  2. Nothing is impossible, as long as you are consistent and have a plan
  3. People will come and go – Everyone has a time and a season in your life, while others may stay a lifetime. Just go with it and be able to discern who is temporary and who is for the long haul
  4. Don’t compete with anyone or compare yourself to anyone – This is the start of never being happy or content
  5. Cherish your family – even when you fight they will always, always be there. This kind of love is unconditional and you will need it despite what you think. Take time to call and visit often
  6. The law of attraction is real!! I repeat the law of attraction is real – what energy are you dishing out? be cautious of this always
  7. If you don’t plan or have an idea of what you want for your life – life will give you whatever and whatever usually isn’t great. Living aimlessly often doesn’t give you results
  8. Strive to live your best life – What’s your idea of your best life? Mine currently is: Travelling far and wide, having a career that also allows me to travel and earn good money, looking at ways to start my new business, amongst other things. What’s your idea of living your best life and
    25th Birthday Dubai - Dainty Corners
    25th Birthday Dubai

    are you living that life?

  9. Don’t be afraid to start small or start over as many times as you need – You don’t owe anyone explanations. Operate on your own timeline
  10. Place value on those who respect and value you
  11. Someone else’s achievements and beauty doesn’t lessen yours – This goes back to number 4
  12. Never make assumptions and be slow to jump to conclusions

25th Birthday Dubai - Dainty Corners
25th Birthday Dubai

13. If you still haven’t gotten that tattoo by now – Girl its probably not going to happen. What seemed awesome when you were younger probably isn’t now

14. No you are still not to old for crop tops and party island vacays

15. When asked “would you like to open a credit card” walk away slowly, just say no! Also start saving as soon as possible, your future self will be grateful you did.

16. Read more – books are not just those things you read only when it comes to school or uni. Once you leave the school setting, you need to educate yourself somehow, and not just with fictional books. Some of the books that have taught me a lot this year include: Zero to One, 48 laws of power & How to win friends and influence people

17. Not everything is about you! Sometimes try a little thing called “empathy” before thinking the worst

18. It’s ok not to have everything figured out, and most 25 year old’s are having the same quarter life crisis as you. Dream big and know the bigger the dream the more patience required to achieve it. Nothing will ruin your twenties more than thinking you should have it all together. Enjoy the journey!

19. Its fine to switch off sometimes and have time to yourself – In fact it’s required often

20. Things that you use to take for granted such as sleeping on time and staying in will become and has now become a luxury

21. Get a self care routine – Your mind, body and skin will thank you later

22. Be cautious of the people around you, be very selective of your space and energy. Growing up my mum use to say  things like “not everyone is your friend” and “their energy doesn’t agree with mine” I completely understand this now. Be selective in order to grow!

23. People will always try to convince you on why they feel you cant do something. Prove them wrong!

24. Understand that everything you have can be taken at anytime. Your career, your money, your life! so take care of it and don’t take anything for granted. Life is too short

25. Be you and never conform to this society! – You are unique and your purpose is different. Always be you.


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    1. In About 5 years – Honestly, I want to be seen as a globally recognised Marketer with a successful start-up company that’s it in a nutshell, but have so many more dreams and aspirations with the main one being to inspire and motivate people to do more and be better. You?

  1. Love this. Your points are so true and as a woman who’s 26 I completely agree! It’s so important to not take anything for granted. It’s amazing what we learn throughout our 20s.

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