A lot of people think that once that clock hits midnight just as a fairy tale all the things they want to change or wanted to change in 2016 will miraculously happen when the clock
strikes. I heard it all before “New year new me”, “This year, rsvp-by-august-15-to-christian-at-5491-3645-3135this time it’ll be different”, “This is my year”, “going to try harder going to be so successful”, “yea I’m leaving all this toxic and negativity behind”,” I’m cutting people, if you don’t hear from me you know”.

All sound familiar? They certainly do to me because I’m guilty of using most if not all of these phrases at some point. Even after everything is said and done you are still you on the 1st January 2017. There is nothing wrong with you, you just want minor improvements. Achieving your goals takes more than just good intentions. You need to take action and then measure your actions to achieve progress and this simple system and not doing it is why a lot of news year’s resolutions don’t work out.  I believe that if you do not write down your goals and I mean literally on paper with a pen it more than likely won’t happen.

I believe that there is a 32-madison-avenue-canada-1certain power behind written goals and also referring back to them throughout the year. This year I’ve decided to try something different and I’ll be keeping a Bujo that I’ll be updating you all on later and how I use it to keep myself organised.

This year is the year to build, build on those ideas you’ve always had and been afraid to try. Those businesses you’ve envisioned and have just not taken the plunge to start. I’m not saying up and drop everything to start these things but think of small steps to make those things a reality – BUILD! BUILD! BUILD! Build on the visionrsvp-by-august-15-to-christian-at-5491-3645-3135

A few easy steps to get you going:

  • Write down your goals – Literally on paper and set some deadlines and make them realistic if you don’t have certain things in 2016 for example you don’t have savings and have a consistent income that just gets you by, you wont buy a private Jet tomorrow – it won’t be possible- not to say you can’t come up with a genius idea and roll in the big bucks like our friends Mark Zuckerberg but all I am saying is be realistic.
  • Every small step is a step in the right direction so don’t look at where your starting from always think of the why and keep making those small steps – Think bigger.
  • If you’re a tech person I have learnt to start using my phone a bit more and my laptop to organise things like my calendars, keeping track of my habits, setting reminders, and countless other things to make sure I get things done. I love using savvy apps like Momentum or Evernote but these are personal faves – Here’s 10 more I have tried but not fully stuck to using just yet.
  • I have prepared a January Planner kit that you can download on my next post – if you download and use it don’t forget to tag Dainty Corners on Instagram to win prizes throughout the new year.
  • No matter how much you plan and think you know what may happen remember life sometimes happens so take those pictures make memories and live life. When were chasing things we tend to lose focus on the bigger picture and enjoy the process.

Happy new year!! Let’s smash those goals and build.





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