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About Us

After several months of googling and attempting to become a developer overnight and miserably failing, Dainty Corners is now live and has become a .COM site (yay), I thought I would introduce myself and the blog Dainty Corners (Pretty cool name if I do say so myself). I wanted to start this blog as a way to inspire people. We live in a world that isn't always kind and sometimes we need more than just a morning coffee to get us by. So I thought if I could do something and start Dainty Corners to make people feel awesome then why not, and I really hope everyone that visits the blog leaves with that feeling. I believe we are bigger than what we think we are and we are capable of anything! If something I write, take a picture of, quote or anything, no matter how big or small motivates someone to do something bigger than themselves or allows them to see things from a different perspective then I think I’ve done a pretty awesome job. I want this blog to make people want to “feel good, do good and be good” and I want people from around the world who feel the exact same way to reach out. After all life is too short to be miserable – well that’s that in a nutshell. Enjoy! Dainty Corners

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Please feel free to reach out, we are always looking for contributors. If you are a: Fashion Blogger/ Vlogger Travel Blogger/ Vlogger Food Blogger/ Vlogger Motivational Blogger or if you would like to a Dainty Corners Ambassador or just have something positive to share or say. We want to hear from you.

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