Dainty Corners: Self love
DaintyCorners: Self Love – Learn to Love yourself

From the minute we are brought into this world we are taught how to act, how to behave, how to dress, what’s good, and what’s bad. We are moulded. Often times what we are moulded into is not our authentic selves.  If you come from a culture like mine, your authentic self is usually suppressed, till your parents think otherwise. Even what you are meant to be in future is decided by them.

If you chose otherwise you become the black sheep (rebellious child), who has gone against your parents and the divine plan for your destiny. I, like many others out there, was considered the black sheep who did not follow my predestined path to become a doctor, or act a certain way that my parents wanted me to. We are taught so many things over the years through a million and one interactions and encounters, but are we ever really taught to truly be ourselves?

The Journey 

After university, and a horrible breakup as most people go through, I decided I was going to live my life, and go through what I thought would be a difficult journey of self-discovery.  Along my journey I realized it actually wasn’t difficult but rather enjoyable and eye-opening. In order to know exactly what you want from life, it only makes sense to know who you are, and value that person.

I started small, by making a list of everything I ever thought I wanted everything I had achieved, believed, and thought I needed but didn’t go for.  I pin pointed on my list, who I wanted certain things for, some were not even really for me, but to make other people happy.  Certain things I wanted so much, but didn’t do because of what other people might say. I was becoming a person I didn’t want to be.

Once I started to shed this life that wasn’t for me, I started to feel a whole new kind of energy. I started to attract people and circumstances that just felt right. There is no better feeling than, having certain situations just naturally falling into place, and you knowing that it’s all leading to a bigger picture. Even though I had many doors close, so many began to open. Call me crazy – was this the law of attraction, happening?

I believe the greatest gift, and what love is, is being able to give someone yourself completely and truly. When you truly understand who you are and your self-worth, it’s impossible for you to allow anyone to treat you mediocre.

When you are you, you allow someone to love all of you, flaws and all. If you feel incomplete there is only one person that can fill that void – don’t ask anyone to do for you what you are not willing do to for yourself. It’s been almost a year since my journey and I don’t regret a single day of living my life for myself, and most importantly loving every part of me, and I’m certain the right person will come along, when the time is right.

4 Replies to “Self-Love

  1. So true!! We tend to loose ourselves and just be what people want us to be!! Myself included! It is So so easy to do as you are told and forget what you actually want…… Just to avoid been a problem child or the black sheep! Kudos to you on finding yourself! It is something I have to do as well

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